First website?

This one, first developed starting in November, 2012, using WordPress, and a “framework” called Genesis by a firm called “StudioPress”.

The current theme from StudioPress used here is called “Nitrous” which went unsupported sometime after I decided on using it.  The Nitrous theme uses a previous version of HTML, and not HTML5 and for whatever reason, the folks at StudioPress decided not to upgrade it to HTML5.

I’ve extensively tweaked the CSS of Nitrous, shaping it into something I like a bit better than the original CSS.  I guess I could remove the custom CSS tweaks and do a screen print, along with a screen print of my tweaks in order for you to see the differences.  Hmm, I think I’ll do just that – some day (this indeed was documented on July 13, 2016 in a blog post).

They say, you should update your website “often” – not just with “content”, but also with a new theme – which is composed of the HTML and the CSS, in order to keep things “fresh”.  But, it’s truly hard for me to chose a different theme now, after tweaking this one so much to my liking.

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