Knight and Day – With me, without me

From the spy comedy movie "Knight and Day": Tom Cruise is talking to Cameron Diaz, about her life expectancy...raising his hand, then lowering it, raising his hand, and lowering it. "...out there on your own, with me, without me, WITH ME, without me." [guess you had to be there - to see his hand gestures.] The scene is about one minute and twenty seconds in. youtube of knight and day … [Read more...]

Eating, and Chocolate

Talking about eating... As mentioned in a previous post, Rick and I were having lunch yesterday, and I remarked that lately, I have an urge for chocolate immediately after having a meal "to cleanse my palette", resulting with my snarking down a chocolate bar, ("immediately") after dinner, etc. Astonishingly, he told me he also has the urge/feeling/desire, and does the same. Anyone else do this? … [Read more...]

Writing as a hobby – something to help me

I was at Tar'get last night, getting my "school supplies" for the new job. A couple of notebooks, notepads, and some pens. I came across this "book" called: "300 writing prompts" First prompt: What's your favorite way to spend a lazy day? Totally random page opening: if you had an opportunity to write as a career, what would you write? (Yes, I kid you not - totally random page). Another … [Read more...]

Misc thoughts about the past weekend

Just not in the right mood to write today for some reason. But, let's try and see what I can come up with: Had a truly nice evening on Friday with Lailah (and her GranMaRose), first opening my b-day presents (play-doh "ice cream cone" making toy, and a nice photo collage frame that will hold 5-6 pics of Lailah, as well as a gift card to IHOP). For some reason, I think both the play-doh toy and … [Read more...]

BigB’s B-day dinner with Lailah

Had an awesome b-day dinner with Lailah (and her GMR) at the Mediterranean Cruise in Burnsville tonight. Some of you may know this place - there is live belly dancing. The belly dancer came over after a few dances and asked Lailah if she wanted to dance on the "stage" with her. To her credit, she got up and danced (three other girls a few yrs older than her, also were invited, so it was a pretty … [Read more...]

Rick’s birthday party at Nancy’s

Hello there. I see you're back with us now. It seems one of my recent stories has a following. I've written a couple of stories the last few days, and the one I thought that would have generated the most "likes" (because of the "hook" used, of Lailah dropping by, after stealing GMR's car) only received a couple of "likes". Whereas, the other story of my dinner with Rick and his friends received … [Read more...]

Paint nite

Photos of my completed art were just posted to an album, along with photos of two examples painted by our instructor (a very young woman, she must have been in her early to mid twenties - but, she really knew her stuff, knew how to teach painting, and also to make it fun for the "trainees"). Had a great time. This was my third paint nite - should do it more often … [Read more...]

Dinner with Nancy and Lois, before seeing South Pacific

Hi there. This is story #2 from this past Saturday night. Story #1 was my encounter with a stranger in the parking lot before dinner at "The old spaghetti factory". Once I figured out how to pay for parking (had to download an app) and actually paid it, I walked across the street to the restaurant. I was still a bit early, and this place has a huge lobby with lots of elegant seating, so I took … [Read more...]

Saturday’s outing with Lailah

To set the stage: My kitchen breakfast nook area has a huge window looking out toward the walk leading to my front door. <you'all have probably seen it in my Lailah kitchen table videos.> I'm eating breakfast this past Saturday morning, reading my newspaper (on my e-device). And, I hear some giggling outside, which makes me look up. And, I see this little girl looking in my window, … [Read more...]

Seeing South Pacific in the evening after having Lailah that afternoon

Huh. Well. Starting from around 5:30pm Friday, thru 11pm tonight, it's been a whirlwind of "activity", in the life of Brian. You can tell with my lame opening of "Huh. Well.", that I'm just too dad-blame tired right now (midnight) to write all about what's transpired during this 30 hour period, since it would probably take me a couple of hours to do it, and Mr. Crabby didn't get to take a nap … [Read more...]

Photography and Fireworks

The problem with shooting 280 fireworks photos (in the space of thirty minutes), is trying to figure out which are the "truly great" and which are only "good", the easy part will be throwing out the junky ones. Some of the "good" ones look "artsy-fartsy", and while I like them, i don't think others would agree. Going to try to review them and post only the top 10 percent - we'll see how that goes. … [Read more...]

New TV series

Well, it seems I've been in a writing mood today. So, this last one is going to be quite short. If you like science fiction with your tv shows, then try out "Humans." Awesome premise, causing some very profound thinking about our future with "robots". If you have already seen this series or start watching it, I would enjoy reading your thoughts on it. I want to say more, but can't find the … [Read more...]

Bobby Fischer Movie

Watched a pretty good biographical movie tonight: "Pawn Sacrifice", staring Tobey Maguire as a young Bobby Fischer (chess champion in the '60s and '70s). Tobey does a great job at portraying Mr. Fischer. The movie starts with us seeing him as a 6 yr old chess prodigy, thru his teenage and young adult years, and finishes with the infamous 1972 Fischer/Boris Spassky championship match in Iceland, … [Read more...]

Grace and Frankie S1/S2

Binge re-watching season one of Grace and Frankie (before moving onto S2). Episode 12 has Grace (Jane Fonda), and Frankie (Lily Tomlin), dancing on top of a bar in a nightclub with a bunch of twenty yr old guys ("boys") cheering them on. I don't even want to go where I'm about to go, but how can two "girls" in their mid 70s still be "so hot"??? What's that new phrase, 70 is the new … [Read more...]

Lailah – spin art painting

"We" (the "Royal" We) bought this kid's art device, a splatter/spinner thing-a-ma-bob, in early or mid December. You know, the kind where you put a piece of card stock into it and it spins it around, and you then squirt paint onto the card stock as it spins, causing these multi-colored circle things... After the first one or two times using it in December, we (not the royal we, but Lailah and I) … [Read more...]

Lailah sightings

Lailah sightings have been a bit more further apart than usual, this last month or two. She is such a busy girl these days! This is one of two short videos we found of her, dated yesterday. We don't know the exact location where these were made, or even who the videographer/narrator is... First vid is only a minute long and the second is 3-1/2 mins long. [We also found a couple of brand new … [Read more...]

Lailah – tomorrow

The good news is, I have Lailah tomorrow. Haven't seen her in a couple of weeks. Won't be able to sleep tonight - her coming over to babysit her GranPaBrian. The bad news is, just like when you have a maid, you have this overwhelming urge to tidy up the house first, BEFORE they arrive to clean up the place (in Lailah's case, it's not her coming to clean my place, but to purposefully make it look … [Read more...]

Lunch with a friend, and politics

I met one of my wonderful "friends" today for lunch. We were great friends about ten years ago, but as some friendships do, we lost contact over the years. We renewed our friendship the last couple of years via Facebook, and recently been getting together for lunch and/or movie about once a month. Today, we had another great time, another great conversation with them, catching up, etc. I really … [Read more...]

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

I'm not going to go into the "why" since it's a stupid (and long) story, but last night, I re-watched something called "Star Wars". I'm sure you may have heard of this film by now. If I had to guess I've probably not watched this movie in roughly ten yrs or more. To be frank, the movie last night was not the original version - this one was from a DVD (non blu-ray) collection of all 6 movies, and … [Read more...]

The “Twitch” app and Bob Ross!

Bob Ross! Read something recently about a thing called "twitch" (which is now a part of Amazon). Apparently it's an iPad/iPhone app, and it streams "stuff". The thing that caught my attention is that they are now streaming a marathon of Bob Ross painting shows...ALL ~380 of them. The "twitch" app is free, and the streaming service is free as well. So, if you want to watch Bob Ross, download the … [Read more...]