McDuffs Buildings – Main building – update

Spent the evening working on McDuff’s main building, adding in the (teal) portico (“drive-through”) scaffolding, weathering the walls be scuffing them, the weathering really shows well on the red walls, but not as much as the driftwood colored walls. Going to have to try another method for those. Added the (teal) lower storefront windowed / front door wall - that was almost a fiasco because I’d … [Read more...]

Model Railroading and “Collecting”

So. Most all Model Railroader hobbyists are also "collectors". They (read: "we") either collect engines (locomotives), passenger cars, freight cars, or even things called "structure kits" (various types of buildings you put together). We usually do our collecting via eBay, or at the local model railroading flea markets, etc. Sometimes, we even collect "track". (to run our MRR collection on...🙄 … [Read more...]

Model Railroading thoughts

I'm mostly what's called an "Armchair" Model Railroader. Been one since 1973 when I was just fourteen years old, with my first purchase of a MRR magazine. That usually means I read the various hobbyist books and magazines but do not actually "build" things. Well, that's not 100% true in my case, since I've built ~8 buildings ("structures" in MRR terminology) from various model kits the last few … [Read more...]

Model Railroading books and eBay

Some backgound first: I'm a collector of vintage Model Railroading books. By "vintage", I mean books published from the early/mid 1930's to the hobby's height of popularity in the mid/late 1950's. That is not to say, I don't collect "newer" MRR books than that since I also collect MRR books from the the 60s, 70's, 80s, etc. The vintage MRR books though, are written in eloquent prose style … [Read more...]

Modelrailroading video

Kind of a longish (30 mins) video, but well worth it, in terms of seeing what can be done with model railroading. The first minute or two of the video doesn't really do it justice - need to be a bit patient with the videographer, until he actually zooms in on the details, for example, the cracks in the concrete roadways, and various scenes such as the cemetery, and the detail on the buildings, the … [Read more...]

Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum Closing?

TC MRR Museum closing article (open in new window) This is really unfortunate - I've been to this museum numerous times over the years, and actually took Lailah there last Christmas. I'm hoping they can find a way to stay there or find another place - but it would be a lot of work to move. You would think there would be some railroad/corporation (like BNSF, or Central Pacific) that could make a … [Read more...]

Internet down today: Model Railroading

Two more blog posts to do. Second to last - as previously noted, my internet was down from late Thursday thru Saturday afternoon. The technician comes around my place at 3:30, worked on the outside box for quite some time. Finally comes to the door, introduces himself as a Charter employee, and we talk about my problem. He starts looking at the cabling, etc. In the meantime, he inquires "is that … [Read more...]

MRR – Flea Market Event

As some of you know, one of my hobbies is Model Railroading. Over the yrs, I've accumulated some stuff (magazines, "locomotive equipment", etc.), that are either duplicates or no longer wanted - there was a time where I would put this unwanted stuff on eBay, but haven't done that in the recent few years. About a month or two ago, I became aware of a local MRR flea market that was being held … [Read more...]

Lailah visits the ‘night trains’ at Bandana Square

We took Lailah to see the "night trains" at Bandana Square on Saturday night (Energy Park Drive, between Snelling & Lexington - close to the state fair grounds). If you've not heard of this place, it's a former railroad locomotive engine servicing facility originally built in the late 1800's (not a typo), and now since converted into offices, etc. Within this building complex, there is the … [Read more...]

Web Page Updated: Library / Model Railroading Books!

Check out this webpage of mine - I've just updated it with a list of duplicate MRR books that I'm trying to "get rid of" - either by sharing with my fellow MRR's, selling on e-bay or donating to the Kalmbach Library (NMRA).  Contact me if you have any interest in owning one or more of these vintage MRR books.  Includes Famed authors such as Edward Beal and Louis Hertz. … [Read more...]

2nd Toast Master’s speech tomorrow! [on Model Railroading]

Tomorrow is the Big Day!  I'm giving my second Toast Master's speech at noontime.  The speech assignment is "Organize your speech".  The "topic" is "Building new worlds". Building New Worlds! 1. Opening/Intro 1A. Capturing the audience’s attention: If you are a creative person like myself, and are looking for something fun to do that doesn’t involve a mouse or screen, you’ve come to … [Read more...]

Phase One of Scenic Ridge Development Effort

In the Fall of 2006, I purchased a "Woodland Scenics" model railroad kit called "Scenic Ridge".  This kit is N-Scale (they also have 2 HO-Scale kits).  The kit has many, many components in it, but basically can be put into two categories:  Various foam pieces and landscaping materials such as grasses, rocks, and bushes.  The layout, when completed, will be 3 feet by 6 feet in size. After … [Read more...]