Grad ceremony and cameras (and little girls)

Omg, so much to share, don't know where to start. (Maybe, we'll only share one story right now) FYI: If you bring your 4 year old granddaughter to a one-time event, such as someone's college graduation ceremony, don't let them play with the camera before taking the pics. Camera "setting" icon was supposed to be on "green/auto". Ended up set on an icon of a "track/field runner". Which, if you're … [Read more...]

Memories about a couple of classes at St. Thomas

Out of the ten courses I took for my recent degree, this was the most favorite of mine (software process Mgmt) - the instructor was the most engaging person I've ever met (in "recent" life). I really, really enjoyed learning from this guy (Syed Ali Naqvi). I cannot believe two years have gone by since I took this guy's class. The second class mentioned, while I loved learning web design / … [Read more...]

Grad ceremony and Senator Amy Klobuchar

I neglected to mention yesterday that US Senator Amy Klobuchar was the commencement address speaker. Senator Klobuchar gave a pretty awesome speech, sharing with the grads a short version of her life story of simple beginnings (grandfather was an Iron Range miner, parents were a newspaper writer/columnist, and a elementary school teacher), and her starting a career in law and eventually getting … [Read more...]

Master Degree and College Graduation

I want to thank everyone for your awesome support and comments today - it was a very special day for me. Usually, participation in a college graduation ceremony happens only once or twice (and, in rare cases, three times) in a person's life. I never wanted a Master's degree until I watched my best friend Kelsey graduate with a similar Master degree in software at the same school, back in 1991, … [Read more...]

Prepping for the Gard ceremony

As mentioned weeks ago, I received a series of three different emails (on the same day) in early April from my graduate school program director regarding graduation, the ceremony, grad announcements, etc. One of the emails had a link to the U/Saint Thomas bookstore, where you could order your cap/gown, grad announcements, thank you cards, address labels, etc., along with the option to order … [Read more...]

Picking up the Cap and Gown

Going to U/Saint Thomas, to pick up the Cap and Gown, etc. Been more than a few months (December) since I was last on campus. I'm not an easily excitable guy, but I'm getting "Kinda excited" right about now. [Wish my mom was around to watch the graduation ceremony.] … [Read more...]

Question on Application to graduate form causes an issue

So. I'm sitting in class Friday evening, next to one of my project teammates, and she is filling out a Saint Thomas form, before the evening's lecture starts. I recognize the form since I filled it out myself in early Sept. - It's a declaration of your intention to graduate (she's filling it out a bit early since she apparently still needs one more class, spring term - no matter). Anyway, there … [Read more...]

Middle of my final semester at Saint Thomas

It's now the middle of my final semester. Just six more class sessions to go, then the final exam - there is no mid-term exam. i was just looking at my "grade history", and noticed two different and distinct patterns: It seems I always receive "A"s in my Fall semesters, and "B"s in my Spring semesters. My two summer sessions were a mix, one summer session I received an "A", the other was a "B". … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous thoughts

Such a nice day out there today, my favorite season is fall - the temp is "just right". Too bad it only lasts 4-6 weeks here in MN. (Lol) I've got a few (good) stories to write about but I'm not doing it today. But, I'll preview them for you: First one is about my (accidentally) providing some excitement and joy to a person in my life by introducing them to something a few months ago. Maybe more … [Read more...]

Excitement over school!

Excited. Blah, blah, blah. Last course ("I.T. Infrastructure") at Saint Thomas starts this Friday evening - never had a Friday evening course before (it's probably going to ruin my very exciting social life - ha ha). 14 weeks/class sessions, final exam, no mid term exam, not sure if there is a team project yet, but apparently weekly individual and team assignments. Two text books and then a PDF … [Read more...]

U/ST Final grade for Object Oriented Software Analysis (“UML” class)

i'm just one lucky SOB [son of bob?]. Been logging into U/St. Thomas almost on a daily basis. Grade was posted today for the summer class: "A-", giving an overall GPA of 3.52. Last course starts after Labor day. … [Read more...]

U/Saint Thomas – Summer class final exam

So, the final exam tonight (for my "Object oriented software analysis & design" class) was closed book, but we could bring a double sided cheat sheet to use. I got there, and the whole row behind me (4-5 people) were poring over copies of someone's cheat sheet - font size 6, double column - I laughingly made a comment about the font size, so one person handled me a copy. I showed them that I … [Read more...]

BusinessWeek devotes double issue to “computer programming”

Not my quote: “It’s no longer acceptable to be ignorant about the ways it <BSW: "software"> works,” he said. “If everybody brought the same ignorance about software to medicine, it would be insane, we would be mocked.” “Software is a completely different discipline and we wanted to help to demystify it for the world that doesn’t think that way. What if you explain code in the same way you … [Read more...]

Mid Term for Summer Session

School-wise: As mentioned last week, I had my mid-term exam (for "Object Oriented Software Analysis and Design" - which is always a mouthful to say) a week ago. I don't do well on tests, I blank out, I don't study as much as I should before taking the thing, I can't remember "crap", and did I mention, I get exam taker's/writer's block?? Well, after taking it last week, I guesstimated I would be … [Read more...]

Summer class project assignment

Crap, got a school project team assignment due tomorrow night, having to create a VISIO diagram(s), not having the MS software on my machine (long story), running out of steam (due to spending 4 hours in the blazing sun, and not getting a good night's sleep last night), and last but not least, I'm being babysat by Lailah tomorrow so I won't have time to work on it during the day. Must. Do. Class. … [Read more...]

U/Saint Thomas – Classes – Spring/2015 – part two

Had my first class session for both of my two evening courses this week: SW Architecture was on Monday, and Advanced web app development was tonight. Since I'm also taking a Saturday class (which is a required class), and not wanting to take 3 classes at a time, I must decide on which evening class to "drop". [the plan has always been to only take two classes this semester]. The SW Architecture … [Read more...]

U/Saint Thomas – classes – Spring/2015 – part one

It "dawned" on me a couple of days ago: Spring session at Saint Thomas is starting (where the heck did January go??) My evening class starts this coming week, and my Saturday class is starting two weeks from today. I had previously (in November) registered for "Software architecture" for Monday evenings, but today I hedged my bets by enrolling in "Advanced web development" (on Wednesday nights). … [Read more...]

UHG interview (via U/Saint Thomas)

Had a 45 minute Interview at U/ST, with a VP/Technology at UnitedHealthGroup (Optum div.) this morning. Very very smart gentleman - felt at ease with him and the majority of the time was able to directly answer his questions without any hemming/hawing. Only one question stumped me... I didn't ask how many openings there were, but it seemed that this was for more than just one position, since the … [Read more...]

U/Saint Thomas – selected to interview with UHG!

Learned tonight after getting home from class that I am lucky enough to be one of ~10 interview candidates at UHG (United healthcare group) next week Thursday, due to my being in the U/Saint Thomas Graduate Program in Software (GPS). UHG apparently went to the U/ST MBA program first, but no one (or not enough MBA students) applied, they then went to GPS. Apparently my cover letter/resume piqued … [Read more...]

Final grade for Software Process Mgmt

Unofficial final grade for "Software Process Mgmt"...B+. (Course #4 down, 6 more to go). Tonight, I start course #5, "Web app design and development", two nights a week, for next 8 weeks — at University of St. Thomas. … [Read more...]