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Over the past 10 yrs, I’ve scoured e-bay (and Amazon) with trying to buy every MRR title there is – I’ve had lots of success as well as some (OCD) stupidity of buying duplicates – trying to find a “better” copy than my current copy.  Therefore, the list that follows is those duplicates of various (mostly) hardcover MRR books.

I’m trying to share these duplicates either with fellow MRR’s (at no cost, other than shipping?), selling via ebay, or lastly, donating to the NMRA Kalmbach library.

This list is current as of 11/2013.  Fair warning: some of the duplicates are from public libraries, and/or not in the best of shape.  If you have any interest in any of these, please let me know and I can give you a better description of the condition of the book(s) in question.

This list below doesn’t include the single copy (hardcover) books (which, for obvious reasons, I’m not selling nor giving away).  I’ve not taken the time to write down all those titles yet – that list will be forth coming in the near future.  Eventually, all will be included in my Shelfari.

  • Small Scale Model Railroads, S. Blackwell Duncan, 1991
  • The Craft of Model Railways, Edward Beal, 1937
  • The Complete Book of Model Railroads, Louis H. Hertz, 1951/1957
  • Real-life Scenic Techniques for Model Railroaders, Carl Caiati, 1987
  • Advanced Model Railroading, Louis H. Hertz, 1955
  • A Railroad for Tomorrow, Edward Hungerford, 1945
  • The Complete Handbook of Model Railroading, Jim Buehner, 1975
  • Modeling the Old Time Railways, Edward Beal, 1955
  • Book of Rules for Model Railroaders, Lawrence W. Sagle, 1993 (1943?)
  • The Model Railroad Right of Way, Oliver Whitmore Wilson, 1955
  • Scale Model Railroading, Leslie T. White, 1964
  • The Boy’s Book of Model Railroading, Raymond Yates, 1951
  • Model Railroad Photography, Paul Garrison, 1981
  • West Midland – A Railway in Miniature, Edward Beal, 1952
  • Model Railroad Engineering, David Marshall, 1942
  • Model Railroads in the Hopme, Earl Chapin May, 1939
  • Model Railroad Book, Warren Moryn (spelling?), 1953,
  • Railroad Panarama, A.C. Kalmbach, 1944
  • Handbook for Model Railroaders, W.M. Walthers, 1939 (soft), 1946/1949 (hard)
  • Making and Operating Model Railroads, Raymond F. Yates, 1938/1947
  • Planning, Construction, Operation – Model Railroads, Edwin P. Alexander, 1940
  • Model Railways, Henry Greenly, 1924/1929
  • The Encyclopedia of Model Railroads/Railways, (author?), 1979/1982
  • Bridge and Trestle Handbook for Model Railroaders, Paul Mallery, 1958
  • New Developments in Railway Models, Edward Beal, 1947/1950
  • Frank Ellison on Model Railroads, 1951
  • Advanced Model Railroads/railways, Dave Lowery, 1993
  • Handbook for Model Builders, Lionel Corp, 1940 (soft), 1941 (hard)
  • Miniature Landscape Modeling, John Ahern, 1951/1962
  • Scale Railway Modeling Today, Edward Beal, 1939
  • How to Build Model Railroads and equipment, Barton K. Davis, 1956
  • Model Railways, Popular Science, 1936/1947/1954
  • How to Run a Model Railroad, Boomer Pete, 1944
  • Railway Modeling in Miniature, Edward Beal, 1958
  • Model Railroad Track and Layout, A.C. Kalmbach, Spiral bound, 1940/1943/1948/1951
  • How to Build a Model Railroad, Harold Loose, 1930

You should realize that the majority books written in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s are wonderfully written, by authors who knew how to write about their passion – Model Railroading – these are quite unlike the Model Railroader Magazine softcover books of the 60’s thru present time.


The Shelfari bookshelf below isn’t a complete list – but it has a good majority of my MMR books.  This does include some of my Kalmbach Model Railroader Magazine softcover books, but isn’t a complete list YET.  There are a few books listed in the Shelfari that I currently don’t own, but am on the look-out for.


  1. Lin Bunza says:

    Hi – How wonderful that you have displayed these books on your e-shelf to share with others. My husband, Geoff, who does RR scale model animation, is looking for Frank Ellison On Model Railroads. If you still have this, I would love to purchase it from you to give to him as a gift.

    In case you want to see what he does, Geoff writes articles on animation for the online magazine, Model Railroad Hobbyist.

    Again, thank you for sharing books from your e-shelf. I’m crossing my fingers that you still have the Frank Ellison book. All the best, — Lin

    PS Love the picture of you with your granddaughter.

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