What cameras have you owned?

  • Upon my high school graduation in 1977, I received my very first camera, a Canon AE-1.
  • Somewhere around 1978-1979, I acquired a Canon A-1, and that was my one and only camera for the next twenty years.
  • In 1998, I finally updated my camera equipment, by buying myself my first AutoFocus camera, a Canon Elan IIe.  Doing this, forced me to buy a whole new sets of lenses due to incompatibility between the older FD mounts and the new auto-focus EF mounts.
  • In 2005, I decided to join this new fad called “Digital”, and got myself a Canon EOS XT (8 MegaPixel).
  • In 2011, I replaced the XT, with a Canon EOS 60D (18 MP).
  • In 2013, I replaced that 60D, with a Canon EOS 70D (20 MP).
  • In 2014, having heard about the “mirrorless” fad via a professional photog by the name of Jason Lanier, I got myself a Sony a6000 (24 MP), which has become my go-to camera for the last two years.
  • I also sometimes use a Point/Shoot Sony HX-60 which I can carry in my pocket (after having a Canon Elph 510, a Canon SX280, and later a Canon SX700).

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