IT departments – different standards, different policy/procedures

It's interesting: "large" (Fortune 500) companies with IT depts, each of them have their own way of doing things, their own policies and procedures, etc. Unisys was a bit "loosey-goosey" with the app I worked on, allowing the developers to move new code into production (I.e., having privileged / admin access). While, both Wells Fargo and USPS, definitely did NOT and do NOT allow this to be done … [Read more...]

Home from Appleton, WI – Thrivent first week

Well folks, I'm home. It was a "longish" week, traveling to Appleton, WI for the new job ("on-boarding", "orientation", and meeting most of my colleagues). In a way, it was good that I got to do this - meeting my Appleton colleagues gave both myself and them a chance to put a face to a name, etc. Left Appleton this afternoon around 3:30, getting home at 8:30 pm (after stopping for a 5guys burger … [Read more...]

First day at Thrivent

Day one over. Mostly on-boarding stuff, getting access to all things Thrivent. Reading some docs. Met two members of my team who are based here (both are almost straight out of college and are really nice fellows). The third member is based in MPLS and is on vac this week (but I've already met him during the interviewing process). The HQ here is a really nice, relaxing, gorgeous (huge) campus, … [Read more...]

Scope of Thrivent’s Headquarters.

Haha. 30 to 45 mins early. I didn't scope out the "office" location (via goggle satellite maps), until this morning. The HQ is in the middle of a rural area, having a huge open field campus. The building itself is quite large, more spread out than tall. Attached are the satellite views. A bit nervous. … [Read more...]

Finally employed again!

So here is the (new job) scoop: My recruiter at the contract agency called around noon today, saying I got the (contract-to-hire) job at Thrivent Financial. Yea! Of course there was a sticking point, which we then worked out without further issue. She then called back (a couple of hours later) letting me know the start date is 8/15. When I was first contacted about this position), the job was … [Read more...]

Getting ready for the Thrivent interview

Why is it that I find myself ready thirty minutes before I actually have to leave? Been getting myself ready now for oh, going on forty or so years - I should know how long it takes to "get ready". Then, I usually arrive thirty minutes early, having to sit in the car, twiddling my thumbs. Super cautious, I guess. High noon at the OK (Thrivent) Corral. (yes, I'll be wearing my suit coat.) … [Read more...]

Third Trivent Financial interview scheduled for Thursday

Thrivent Financial job update: Three weeks ago, initial 15-20 min phone "get to know you" interview with director in Appleton, WI. Last week, three person video conference interview with mgr (WI), team lead (MPLS) and a non-team tech (WI). Not sure if mgr is the mgr of the team I would be on, or mgr of other teams. Got the impression they were mgr of other team(s), but could be mistaken. Call … [Read more...]

Thrivent Interview

"Exciting" day for me. Face to face interview at Thrivent Financial, with a panel of three. Two of the three were in Appleton, Wi, so we used video conferencing to include them. The guy in the room with me is the team lead. One of the people in WI was the manager, and the other person in WI was just a techie type, but not on the team that I would be on. Overall, I think the interview went great. … [Read more...]

Initial interview with Thrivent

Had an initial "get to know you" thirty min phone interview with an IT director at Thrivent Financial last night (for the Appleton WI contract-to-hire position). And, my recruiter just called - Thrivent wants a face to face interview with me, scheduled for 7/21 (due to hiring mgr/director now on vac until then). Fortunately, Thrivent has a huge office presence here in the TC, and so this next … [Read more...]

Recruiters – faux pas

Had a very awkward realization just now. One of the two recruiters I spoke with on the phone yesterday, sent me a LinkedIn invite a few minutes ago. The person I was saying "no mam", "yes mam" to, is male. In my defense, their name is Abhinav, and seemed to have a high pitch accent. In no way is this post making fun of them - I'm quite embarrassed by this. … [Read more...]

Maps – Houston, and Appleton

I love maps. I really do. I can stare at them for hours. I absolutely love looking at them. But, sometimes, even when I look at these things for hours, some stuff doesn't "sink in". Like, I know, the Twin Cites is way, way north of Detroit (where I grew up). Way, way, north, meaning, if you drew a horizontal line from Detroit, moving West, Minneapolis would be way, way north of that line. I … [Read more...]

Recruiters calling…Houston and Appleton

Had a recruiter contact me (today) about a six month contract job in Houston, and a second recruiter (yesterday) for a contract to hire position in Appleton, WI. This second one I'm not so sure about, since it seems to be from one of those recruiter job mill firms that send out hundreds of emails (not bothering to see if you are qualified or not), with them hoping to get a bite on their line … [Read more...]

Memories of last few days at Unisys

Can't believe it's been seven years. The day I wrote this, they (Mgmt) were saying I was going to be outsourced instead of laid off. A couple/few days later, I was laid off...after almost twenty nine yrs with Unisys (formerly Burroughs). ==== From June 15, 2009: "Inside sources say layoff date is this Thursday. TM and I negotiated "performance" SLA/KPIs for outsourcing contract today. He says … [Read more...]

Job hunting and Cincinnatti

yeah, well, i guess i can now share this with all of you. Two weeks ago, a bank flew me out to Cincinnati for a day long job interview (five interviews with five people). Just got the rejection letter after getting home from my U/Saint Thomas errand. It was the same type of software development I did while at USPS and at my final position at Unisys. They chose the other candidate. It would have … [Read more...]

Recruiters and their emails…

Last week, I received THE shortest job recruiting email I've ever received in my recent experience: "Is this you? • Unisys Clearpath MCP • Database Programming experience • WFL experience • Algol programming experience" ...ending with his name, his title: "IT Recruiter, Division Director, AVP Permanent Placement Services", his recruiting company name ("Robert Half Technology"), and his … [Read more...]

Job Hunting – Jostens

Last week on Tuesday, I posted something about two friends, true friendship, procrastination and "taking action". The action I took last week, produced no (immediate) results. Just learned a few hours ago that I was mistakenly given a wrong email addr. and the 3rd party is still looking forward to receiving from me. So, having just now resent my email, I am thinking I may still be "in the … [Read more...]

Friendship and support

Amazing what wonderful friendships can do. Friend #1 (TK) provided me with awesome info to help in a certain regard. Action needed to be taken to use the provided info, but my arch enemy PROCRASTINATION reared its UGLY (and FAT) head. Two weeks go by...tick tock, tick tock. Friend #2 (JK) provides written/verbal support as well as encouragement, thereby causing me to take action … [Read more...]

Unisys Plant 8 (Defense Building) torn down

Twice now in the past couple of weeks, I've been in the Eagan area, driving either on Pilot Knob or Yankee Doodle, and been caught unawares by a huge empty space/field, where the Unisys Defense ("Paramax/Lockheed Martin") building stood for 30 or more years. Even though I worked in the Unisys MACS building "right next to it" for close to twenty years, I never had the opportunity to see the inside … [Read more...]

UHG interview (via U/Saint Thomas)

Had a 45 minute Interview at U/ST, with a VP/Technology at UnitedHealthGroup (Optum div.) this morning. Very very smart gentleman - felt at ease with him and the majority of the time was able to directly answer his questions without any hemming/hawing. Only one question stumped me... I didn't ask how many openings there were, but it seemed that this was for more than just one position, since the … [Read more...]

U/Saint Thomas – selected to interview with UHG!

Learned tonight after getting home from class that I am lucky enough to be one of ~10 interview candidates at UHG (United healthcare group) next week Thursday, due to my being in the U/Saint Thomas Graduate Program in Software (GPS). UHG apparently went to the U/ST MBA program first, but no one (or not enough MBA students) applied, they then went to GPS. Apparently my cover letter/resume piqued … [Read more...]