Third Trivent Financial interview scheduled for Thursday

Thrivent Financial job update:

Three weeks ago, initial 15-20 min phone “get to know you” interview with director in Appleton, WI.

Last week, three person video conference interview with mgr (WI), team lead (MPLS) and a non-team tech (WI). Not sure if mgr is the mgr of the team I would be on, or mgr of other teams. Got the impression they were mgr of other team(s), but could be mistaken.

Call today from recruiter – the director in WI wants to have a video conference interview on Thursday at noon. I believe this director is the one making the hiring decision. Told recruiter I already had plans for lunch that day ( 😱🙄😉 ).

Took the white shirt (from last week) to the cleaners just now, to be cleaned/pressed. Counter person says it’ll be done by tomorrow by 5pm. Otherwise, you’ll find me at Jac Le Penni, buying myself a new white shirt tomorrow night.

Called Rick, and told him our lunch plans for Andrea’s Pizza have changed. He was a bit miffed that I was postponing our lunch due to a job interview! ( 😉 )

(if it’s not obvious, I was kidding with that remark.)

I’m kinda excited – might be due to my recruiter’s enthusiasm…she’s one of the best I’ve worked with.

Will post more on Thursday afternoon/evening.

If I can be so bold, please keep me in your thoughts on Thursday.

Thanks very much.