Memories of the Killer Geese

"No! No! No, that's right, I said No!" Later: "Aieeeii, are they chasing me???!!!" She was a hoot with these Geese. Best. Day. Ever. (from a year ago - during Elyse's visit) ==== Elyse and Brian story #1 We're at PowderHorn Park this afternoon, walking around the lake. We are two thirds of the way around, and we run into several mama ducks with their new baby ducks, occupying the walking … [Read more...]

What’s on my mind?

Sitting here, staring at FaceBook's "what's on your mind?" question. Trying to find the right words for when you get a phone call out of the blue, and it's a special someone, and, you find yourself laughing at almost everything they're sharing with you since the last time you spoke with them. I think the words I'm looking for are: Thank you, Elyse Koerber, for making me laugh … [Read more...]

Daughter Elyse and her “new” camera

Ah, and one last thing. I loaned my Sony Mirrorless camera to Elyse after she came out here in early June. She's never been into photography (or so she told me), until we went to downtown MPLS together, and she shot a few pictures (300 of them, to be "exact"). So, she's had the camera for almost 6-7 weeks now, and she went on a sightseeing trip with a friend for a few days, and ended up taking … [Read more...]

Pseudo Stepson Ryan – Antics

Gold Trail - went door to door, raising money supposedly for DARE - cops drop by. Dover - stole bicycle, cops came to the door. Dover - stole golf cart, lied for 7-8 months saying his friend gave it to him, neighbor on next street over complains he's riding it on people's front lawns, cops eventually see it in the backyard, take it away (not charged??). Dover - his first job at sports … [Read more...]

Recent events of pseudo-stepson Ryan

You may remember: The companion's oldest (26 in Aug) son finally moved out of the house about a yr and a half ago, moving out-of-state, to Colorado, with a friend, "to work" (since he wasn't able to find/get a job here for more than 2-1/2 years while living with us). At the time, we thought it would be good for him, to finally be on his own, but it's not worked out as everyone had … [Read more...]

Reece’s first semester at U/Eau Claire

Well, this is my first post regarding Reece. He just got back home last night from Eau Claire (safely, after a "blizzard" hit the midwest earlier in the day). He informed me when he got home: "I got mostly all A's, but I didn't do 'so hot' in my Comp Sci class ('intro programming')".  This wasn't the first time he's indicated he wasn't getting it, since I had sent him a pair of "beginning" … [Read more...]

Reece, and U/W Eau Claire

Pseudo-step son came home from U/W (Eau Claire) this afternoon, after just 3 weeks there, just to get out of his dorm room and visit his friends he left behind here in AV, etc. I walk in the door after work, and he already had his laptop out and cranked up to show me his first ever C program he wrote - he was so proud of it (and, i, of him). I had planned on going to see a movie tonight after … [Read more...]