iPad camera roll vs albums – not

A geek post regarding Apple devices - you might not understand if you don't have an "i-xxx" device. A month or ago, I looked at all the photos on the iPad (copied from my phone) and decided to finally organize them (more than a few thousand taken over the last few years) into "albums", in order to reduce the size of my "camera roll". This also includes any screen shots or pics I've downloaded … [Read more...]

Good photographer turns into average photographer

UGH. I used to be such a "good" photographer when I was much younger and/or when I had better eyesight. I rely too much on the camera to focus for me these days and/or to set the exposure for me. … [Read more...]

Added a new FAQ – what cameras have I owned?

FAQ: Cameras owned … [Read more...]

Photography and Fireworks

The problem with shooting 280 fireworks photos (in the space of thirty minutes), is trying to figure out which are the "truly great" and which are only "good", the easy part will be throwing out the junky ones. Some of the "good" ones look "artsy-fartsy", and while I like them, i don't think others would agree. Going to try to review them and post only the top 10 percent - we'll see how that goes. … [Read more...]

Photos and Film

Before i started working on the stuff i have to do today, i wanted to share the following: I have four "rolls of film", sitting on my desk, they're been sitting around for about ten years now (at least). And, two more rolls with the film leader sticking out - i can't tell whether those two rolls were never used, OR, if I (partially) used them but didn't rewind the leader in "all the way" in order … [Read more...]

Jeremy Cowart – photographer – video

Jeremy Cowart I have to admit, when my friend Kathy Pretty Kaczmarek shared this just now, I was going to scroll right past it. But, for some reason, I felt a little bit "compelled" to see what it was about. I'm very glad I did. It is a long (25 mins) video. So, if you don't have time to view it now, "save" it and came back to it when you do have some free time. Set aside 25 quiet minutes in … [Read more...]

Vivian Maier – unknown (but now famous) photographer

It's just freaking how my mind works. A FB friend of mine "liked" a Christmas photo of Marlo Thomas, her husband Phil Donahue, and their family. I'd thought I had heard a rumor about Mr. Donahue's health, so I decided to read his biographical article on Wikipedia. Fortunately, there was no mention of any health problems, and I truly hope he is well. While reading his Wikipedia article, there is … [Read more...]

Completely Mirrorless Camera Photog Now

FYI, fellow FB photographer friends: Over the summer and as of this past week, I've slowly gotten rid (via trade-in or selling) all of my DSLR camera equipment, and am now a bona fide "Mirrorless Camera ONLY" photographer (now having had my Mirrorless for the past 16 months). While I do not (yet) have the same quantity/style of lenses, I anticipate, over the next several years, the lens stable … [Read more...]

Photography and Lailah – the Dilemma

You know, for the most part, I have a pretty good life... BUT it just SUCKS BIG TIME when I attend a little girl's soccer practice / game and I have this pretty nice camera, and a pretty good "long/zoom" lens, allowing me to take some really awesome pictures, and upon coming home, and downloading them to the PC, you find you've taken 300+ pictures of her in a bit less than an hour, and it is so … [Read more...]

My website, viewing my SmugMug pics & a 3rd party plug-in

Beware: this is a long and boring technical blog posting - if you're into using wordpress for blogging and also do photo sharing on your wordpress website, you might be 5% interested in this post - otherwise, you'll probably just think this is just another loony tunes post by yours truly, and should probably skip reading it. wink emoticon About a year ago, I moved from using FLICKR to SmugMug as … [Read more...]

Black and White photos of Lailah

There is a reason why I don't edit my photos that I take. It takes a LOT of time and mental effort - there are just TOO MANY choices of things to do - like adding special effects, lighting, exposure, contrast, etc. If anything, I may - like I recently did for my recent b-day pics - just crop them. THAT I can easily do - no problem - no OCD choice issues there. However, I just heard about a … [Read more...]

New photo frame for Lailah’s pictures

You know you have it bad, when you start thinking about ditching the 34" x 42" (butt ugly) framed Kadinsky print (which you've now have had for a dozen or so yrs) above the LR couch, and replacing it with a similar sized (42" or 46"?) flat panel tv (from the bedroom), thereby replacing the awfully smaller 15" photo frame on the end table, with the end result of being able to display a (new) almost … [Read more...]

Bird’s eye Video of Detroit and my thoughts

Great and interesting video - great background music - much too short. Bird's eye view of Detroit (opens in new window) Sorry to see the beginning parts: drives home the point that certain (industrial & residential) areas are still like a former war zone. Enjoyed the middle/ending portions a lot better with "hope" of development/revival coming. You don't usually get to see this stuff (from … [Read more...]

Daughter Elyse and her “new” camera

Ah, and one last thing. I loaned my Sony Mirrorless camera to Elyse after she came out here in early June. She's never been into photography (or so she told me), until we went to downtown MPLS together, and she shot a few pictures (300 of them, to be "exact"). So, she's had the camera for almost 6-7 weeks now, and she went on a sightseeing trip with a friend for a few days, and ended up taking … [Read more...]

Various thoughts about cameras, photography

I have four "cameras" (my trusty Canon DSLR, the "newer" Sony Mirrorless, a Sony P&S (that fits in my pants pocket) and, of course, like everyone else, my cell phone). All of them have the now (pretty much) standard LCD screen that you can't see a frigging thing on when you are outdoors in bright sunlight. The first two do have a separate eye viewfinder but I've been leaving the DSLR home … [Read more...]

Lailah and photography

I know some of you are waiting for a Lailah story - I've gotten many, many emails from her fans overnight, asking for an updated status since she was babysitting me yesterday. You guys are such an impatient bunch of people, so here it is: We're at the water park yesterday at lunchtime, in Beautiful Downtown Apple Valley, having some fun with each other. I've been leaving the "good" camera at home … [Read more...]

Photography workshop

Going to attend this photography workshop this Saturday, can't wait! https://www.facebook.com/humansofmpls/photos/a.228391624038614.1073741827.228288360715607/387202044824237/?type=3 … [Read more...]

Cameras – new camera in my bag

This is the guy (professional photog) who has helped convince me to start moving away from my Canon DSLR to the Sony A6000 "mirrorless" (which I bought & have used as my main camera since last June, BEFORE seeing his you-tube posting). The autofocus is much, much faster than the ("more expensive") Canon, the camera is physically smaller and lighter on weight, and I really enjoy using it - I'll … [Read more...]

Bullying – Blog posting from Jason Lanier (professional photog)

I'm into photography, been into it since end of HS. I came across a professional photographer a few months ago who gives photography advice over YouTube. He has (to me) a great personality and knows what he's talking about photography wise. I was just reading his blog and read this (recent?) posting, regarding what he calls "haters", about people who leave (very) negative comments on his YouTube … [Read more...]

Camera Technology: Rapid pace of change – last 20 years

I first became interested in Photography sometime in high school.  This led me to ask for a specific 35 mm SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera as a High School graduation present.  One of the parental units apparently felt they should “consult” with a colleague who they apparently perceived as a "Photography Expert".  The colleague’s recommendation:  "Buy Brian a Sears brand “110” … [Read more...]