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This page and its sub-pages are under construction and are the ‘catch-all’ for the “Model Railroading” section of the website.

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This link will take you to my Layout Design Ideas page.

Here is a sampling of some of the ideas I’m using for “Scenic Ridge”:

  • The Victoria Falls idea and how it’s incorporated in current layout
  • The new “Quarry” area on the current layout and how it came about (trip to WM with Reece).

This page will also talk about the mindset of doing something different than what everyone was doing with Woodland Scenics “Scenic Ridge” layout kit – i.e., everyone follows the instructions and makes the same old thing – I’ve only seen 2 Scenic Ridge layouts where they were completely different!  Here is the picture of one where there is a lake on left side, this was my inspiration to “do it differently”




This link takes you to my Layout Plans page.  Examples are:

  •  Scenic Ridge plan – the original plan from Woodland Scenics
  • My “Scenic Ridge” plan with “Victoria Falls” and “Quarry” design element ideas.
  • The Valley and Western plan from MRR 1974/1975 mag
  • My various versions of the “Valley and Western” for Dover Drive
  • The “Crossroads” plan from MRR 1974/1975 mag
  • The original “Atlas” layout which I wanted to build when I was 13-14 yrs old:  The “Gulf Summit Crossing(?)”
  • etc.

Here is the “Valley and Western plan from around 1974.

valley western rr large


This link takes you to my Layout Construction page – Someday, it’ll show actual pictures of my progress with the current layout.


This link will take you to my MRR Inventory page, showing some of the following:

  • list / pictures of UNIQUE engines
  • list / pictures of UNIQUE rolling stock
  • list / pictures of structure kits purchased but not yet built
  • list / pictures of structures built by me – not many – 4-5?
  • list / pictures of structures built by others, and purchased by me


The following link will take you to my Library of Model Railroading books:  MRR Books

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