Toastmasters Speech #3 – Inspire the audience!

I’ve been a late bloomer in some areas of my life: ok, a late bloomer in most areas of my life. But, a really late bloomer when it comes to my home life. I figure this was partly due to not having a father figure after high school, as well as not becoming a home owner until my mid 30’s. I never thought I had the skills to do homeowner type projects like the usual improvements of painting, … [Read more...]

Toast Masters 2nd speech results/feedback

My 2nd ToastMasters speech was today. Overall, I did a pretty good job, but still "read" too much of the speech, instead of just "speaking" to the audience, but this "speaking" will (hopefully) come with more practice. People commented on how passionate I was with the topic, as well as how i provided vivid descriptions for them to visualize what i was trying to convey. I also spoke about 90 … [Read more...]

2nd Toast Master’s speech tomorrow! [on Model Railroading]

Tomorrow is the Big Day!  I'm giving my second Toast Master's speech at noontime.  The speech assignment is "Organize your speech".  The "topic" is "Building new worlds". Building New Worlds! 1. Opening/Intro 1A. Capturing the audience’s attention: If you are a creative person like myself, and are looking for something fun to do that doesn’t involve a mouse or screen, you’ve come to … [Read more...]

ToastMasters First Speech Revisited (Final Version)

I gave my first ToastMasters Speech yesterday.  Here is the text of the speech - clocked at a few seconds under five minutes. Mr. Toastmaster, Fellow Toasties/Toasters: I spent my first 5 yrs out of high school, going to college, with the end result being NOT a college degree, but rather flunking or withdrawing from half of the classes I had taken. That’s right, for every two classes I … [Read more...]

Toast Masters First Speech (first rough draft)

So, I joined ToastMasters here at USPS a few weeks ago and I have to give a four to six minute "Ice Breaker" speech to my fellow Toast Masters in a few weeks time, telling them who I am, etc. Here is what I plan on saying, I'm sure I'll be editing it a bit. [believe it not, it looks long winded, but its ~5 mins long]. My first five years of college (yes, that’s right, 5), right out of high … [Read more...]