Prayer in schools?

I’m on the bus, meaning it’s hard to write one of my infamous long winded posts.  But here is a premise and question: “Prayer in schools” Do you remember “prayer/ praying in schools”?  I’m 58, grew up as a young kid in the 1960s, and graduated in ‘77, and I just do not remember ever praying in a class room, nor as school assemblies, nor at school events/games.  I went to public school, to put … [Read more...]

Gun Control – Call Now!

First time in my life that I’ve ever called my senators (or representatives). But, I so much wanted my voice heard reflecting my opinion regarding the ban on assault weapons, as well as guns in general.  I called both of them, and left msgs, asking them to either introduce a bill or support a bill regarding this issue.  The number to call is 1-202-224-3122.  That’s all you need, it will ask if … [Read more...]

Las Vegas – Gun Control

It’s been a horrific day. I’m going to turn off FB for awhile, for the rest of the night, I hope, and, maybe, for a bit longer. But one final thought: There are several “industries” that create products that kill our own kind on purpose. Some products are regulated by government such as cigarettes or explosives. Some products have been banned/made illegal, such as addictive drugs such as Meth, … [Read more...]

Las Vegas 2 of 2

I am overwhelmed with sadness. You would think one could build up a tolerance for this kind of thing (Las Vegas). No, I’m not able to – not me. In fact, more and more, I find myself getting sadder and sadder each time it happens. But, while I am overwhelmed with sadness, my anger is also increasing. More, and more, I’m getting to be so angry at the lack of willingness to make laws regarding … [Read more...]

Las Vegas 1 of 2

Infinite sadness this morning, just reading now about the tragedy in L.V. What makes a person do this act of evilness? … [Read more...]

McDuffs Buildings – Main building – update

Spent the evening working on McDuff’s main building, adding in the (teal) portico (“drive-through”) scaffolding, weathering the walls be scuffing them, the weathering really shows well on the red walls, but not as much as the driftwood colored walls. Going to have to try another method for those. Added the (teal) lower storefront windowed / front door wall - that was almost a fiasco because I’d … [Read more...]

Choosing dental plans – “choose wisely”

So, we're not going to mention the fact that when I was hired by my contracting agency last summer to work at Thrivent that I was given a choice of two very different dental plans, and that I thought I made the right choice in my choosing between said plans. We also won't remark about how (when I was making my choice), I misread one of the plans where it mentioned "annual maximum" being $1,000, … [Read more...]

First post from the WordPress IOS app, to auto-publish to Facebook.

"First post from the WordPress IOS app, to auto-publish to Facebook." Welcome to the new world, Brian. It's going to be a brave new world. You are such an early adopter at times, then other times, you are so reluctant to change or to try out things. No more typing into a FB small text entry window with all of its quirks and/or bugs. This seems a lot easier than typing up your post in FB, and then … [Read more...]

A simple petty burglary, and with that, a president is disgraced

I was only thirteen yrs old in 1972. Something stupid and crazy happened in June of that year.  It happened so silently it was only a blip on the radar, and probably only a couple of the local newspapers carried the story:  a local hotel and office complex had been broken into by a few guys, in the middle of the night.  It wasn't anywhere near a national story, and even if it were, at the age … [Read more...]

iPad camera roll vs albums – not

A geek post regarding Apple devices - you might not understand if you don't have an "i-xxx" device. A month or ago, I looked at all the photos on the iPad (copied from my phone) and decided to finally organize them (more than a few thousand taken over the last few years) into "albums", in order to reduce the size of my "camera roll". This also includes any screen shots or pics I've downloaded … [Read more...]