Lailah, xmas presents and Mouse Trap Game

One present of the several I bought for Lailah this Christmas that i didn't wrap (since I obviously had bought too many), was Mouse Trap. I set it up today (for the next time she's over baby sitting me), and while it seemed similar to what I grew up with, it was different. So, I did some of my usual Wikipedia research, and found a pic of the '60s game which then led me to another game I played … [Read more...]

What I go through to show my love for the little girl

Jordan and Katie (Lailah's mom & dad) drive over to the house this morning to pick something up for her. Jordan comes into the house, leaving the two girls (mom & daughter) in their running car, keeping themselves warm. It's just too cold for them to go through the effort of unbuckling her, walking to the front door, just to walk out again with the thing they were picking up. Made perfect … [Read more...]

New job causes me to wonder about Lailah’s toys…

A lot of you have seen my various videos of Lailah, mostly in the breakfast nook, but sometimes in the living room. During those LR videos, I've tried not to show the area where all of her toys are kept. It's under a 3' by 6' table where on top, I've kept the beginnings of my model railroad "layout". (The model railroad has its own story and that's not the purpose of this essay (other than to … [Read more...]

BigB’s birthday presents from Lailah

BEST. PRESENTS. EVER. Here I am, having just unwrapped both of my b-day presents from Lailah. The first was a set of new play-doh colors (sparkled, of course). The second was a play-doh toy that makes play-doh ice cream cones. Both presents were very well received by the big guy, since he had scoped them out at the toy store one day with Lailah in tow. Lailah obviously cared enough to "insist" … [Read more...]

BigB’s B-day dinner with Lailah

Had an awesome b-day dinner with Lailah (and her GMR) at the Mediterranean Cruise in Burnsville tonight. Some of you may know this place - there is live belly dancing. The belly dancer came over after a few dances and asked Lailah if she wanted to dance on the "stage" with her. To her credit, she got up and danced (three other girls a few yrs older than her, also were invited, so it was a pretty … [Read more...]

Lailah’s new dolls – and creepiness

I bought a new doll for Lailah a month or so ago. Gave it to her when she was here, a couple of times ago. She immediately tells me "...She's 'creepy', GranPa..." I ask her what she means, thinking it's because of the thing sticking out the doll's head. "No, GranPa, her glasses are creepy!" And, asks me "...can we get rid of her glasses?..." Yup, of course. They were attached with small permanent … [Read more...]

Lailah, ice cream, and having kids of my own

This short video from a year ago always makes me laugh. She is always so crazy. I think back about my own childhood - and I truly don't have any good memories of growing up - not sure whether this is because I have a truly bad memory, or if I actually didn't have any "fun" as a child with my parents. I think of the two of them, my mom was pretty stiff, and rigid in her ways (no spilling of ice … [Read more...]

New credit/debit card – surprise!

My local bank recently sent a letter indicating they were replacing my old debit card with a new "chip" card and offered me a choice of either their default (boring) design, or I could upload a photo to use in it's place. I think it came out really good (this picture of the card is fuzzy in some areas since I used photoshop to remove the numbers/dates, as well as the "chip" that was growing out … [Read more...]

Blogging about Lailah vs. re-watching “Better Call Saul”

Blogging about Lailah is so much better than re-watching S1 of "Better call Saul" (before moving onto S2). I'm pretty sure I left some good Lailah stuff out (with tonight's Lailah post) - that's what happens when you're an old fart and your brain has become cold pasta, and the Lailah encounter that you're trying to remember happened two days ago. Next time, I think, I'll use one of those fancy, … [Read more...]

More to blog about this weekend, but got Lailah tomorrow

Man, I've still at least 2 more (interesting) stories to go, and I've got Lailah to myself tomorrow - I'm never gonna to catch up with blogging the stuff that happened this past weekend. Have I mentioned what happened on Sunday?? Heaven! (How does that song go??) Doesn't matter - I was invited to go boating on Lake Minnetonka! What a great afternoon. With a great bunch of loving people. Will … [Read more...]

Saturday’s outing with Lailah

To set the stage: My kitchen breakfast nook area has a huge window looking out toward the walk leading to my front door. <you'all have probably seen it in my Lailah kitchen table videos.> I'm eating breakfast this past Saturday morning, reading my newspaper (on my e-device). And, I hear some giggling outside, which makes me look up. And, I see this little girl looking in my window, … [Read more...]

Lailah, painting model cars

Lailah decided she wanted to paint one of her "Hot Wheels" cars on Tuesday. It's original color was white. I think she needs a bit more practice if she wants to become a professional body shop paint person. (I told her, don't give up your day job, just yet.) … [Read more...]

Lailah and a child’s hand

After ~thirty-five years as an adult and not knowing what's it's all about, I am now able to relate to this short essay below (re: a child's hand laying casually on your arm, or their hand touching/exploring your face, or a tiny hand in your hand, walking together, outside), due to a little girl entering my life four years ago. It's been a truly wonderful, and beautiful, eye opening experience for … [Read more...]

Surprise visitor today

I am having a guest / visitor today, and we're going to have a wonderful time together today. She truly rocks my heart. Can't. Wait. To. Enjoy. The. Day. With. Her. … [Read more...]

Singing debut of Lailah

Lailah sings … [Read more...]

Lailah and growing up

Tired. Very tired. Had an opportunity to be with the girl today. Notice I didn't say "the little girl"? There are times when it's readily apparent she's growing up. So fast. Spent the entire day with her, from around 11am to about 8pm. Tired. Too tired to type up one of my stories. But, if I don't do it now, I'll forget everything by the morning. Supposed to go to the Eagan Art Fair - … [Read more...]

A Lailah memory on Facebook

Wow, from a year ago, even then she had an amazing personality (with making me laugh). I had so much fun all of last year having her babysit me on a weekly basis. This year, the visits are not as frequent (every 3-4 weeks), and, boy, do I truly miss her! I am so glad I was able to spend as much time as I did with her - just an amazing and loving experience. And, now, she's growing up so fast. Too … [Read more...]

Lailah thoughts

(this was part of another post, but I decided to separate them...) I was able to spend time with Lailah twice this weekend. Friday night was "Finding Dory" and then, we spent most of the day together on Saturday, going to a children's book reading session at B&N on Saturday morning, where an employee reads a couple of books to the children - we've done this a few times in the past, but this … [Read more...]

Dinner and movie with Lailah

The little one took me to dinner tonight ("fast food"), and then, we went to see the new Disney movie "Finding Dory". Each time I see her, I am slowly starting to realize she is no longer 2 or 3, she is now 4: she sat in her own seat for the majority of the movie, only sitting on my lap for maybe 10 minutes. She didn't fidget at all. She is such a well behaved little girl. I think she liked the … [Read more...]

Lailah and Grand Days

Had a surprise opportunity to spend the day with the little girl today. We went to Grand Days in Saint Paul. There is a special area just for children where they had a pony ride (which she loved), two different inflatable bouncy houses - we ended up doing both bouncy houses - twice, because we'd bought $10 worth of tickets and had to get rid of them somehow. She wanted (and got) some … [Read more...]