Layout Plans

This page will contain various plans I’ve come across that have Design Elements that I want to model and/or a track layout that I like.

  •  Scenic Ridge plan – original from Woodland Scenics [to be added later]
  • My Scenic Ridge plan with Victoria Falls and Quarry design element ideas [to be added later]
  • The Valley and Western plan from a MRR 1974/1975 mag [see pic below]
  • My various versions of the “Valley and Western” originally for Dover Drive or elsewhere [see pic below]
  • The “Crossroads” plan from a MRR 1974/1975 mag [to be added later]
  • The original “Atlas” layout that I wanted to build when I was 13-14 yrs old:  The “Gulf Summit Lines” [see pic below]



Here is the “Valley & Western” plan from around 1974.

valley western rr large

This is my version of the Valley and Western – designed to fit in the layout room at Dover Drive.

mdel_rr_benchwork_visio_scanned_in_v1_9_large_edited blown up version 4

This is a layout called “Mad River”, which I find to be interesting.

mad river roadroad - may, 1973 - 300 dpi

This next one I’m interesting in doing as well – this is Silver City Central.

train layout 1

This is the Atlas Gulf Summit Lines plan – that I wanted to build when i was 13-14 yrs old.

atlas gulf summit

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