First post from the WordPress IOS app, to auto-publish to Facebook.

"First post from the WordPress IOS app, to auto-publish to Facebook." Welcome to the new world, Brian. It's going to be a brave new world. You are such an early adopter at times, then other times, you are so reluctant to change or to try out things. No more typing into a FB small text entry window with all of its quirks and/or bugs. This seems a lot easier than typing up your post in FB, and then … [Read more...]

Child Theme – things to do

Change the gray background to white, so that the blog entry seems to embedded into the background, instead of floating on top of it.  This was mostly done, after the posting of this entry.  There are some thin borders, which might have to do with the "breadcrumb" area, as well as the "content" area.  Ok, got rid of the majority of the borders, but there still is one on the right of content. … [Read more...]

Child Theme modified – removed blue buttons header right

I mentioned to Rose that I was thinking about changing my child theme, to change the look and feel to something less boxy, more flowing. I showed her two StudioPress child themes called "beautiful", and "lifestyle". She liked them both. I then showed her the current website, to re-familiarize her with how it currently looks. She has never liked the 3 types of navigation: Top menu bar, the … [Read more...]

Blogging milestones as of 8/3/2016

NEW BLOGGING MILESTONES! I wrote the post below a few weeks ago. But, it seems I need to update it with the following: 4.3. Another new subscriber! 4.5. A friend has now commented (twice) on my blog posts! Thank you, Edward Anderson! There's going to have to be a time when I will need to stop posting these milestones, but they're pretty important in the beginning, you know, especially when … [Read more...]

“What’s the best part about blogging?”

I stole the following from a fellow blogger, but it certainly applies here as well: People always ask me what the best part of blogging is and I say 'my followers!' Thanks everyone, for putting up with my ranting, my craziness, my political nonsense, as well as the postings of <mumble, mumble, thousands> of Lailah stories/photos/videos these last couple / few (OK, several) years. Thanks … [Read more...]

Blogging about Lailah vs. re-watching “Better Call Saul”

Blogging about Lailah is so much better than re-watching S1 of "Better call Saul" (before moving onto S2). I'm pretty sure I left some good Lailah stuff out (with tonight's Lailah post) - that's what happens when you're an old fart and your brain has become cold pasta, and the Lailah encounter that you're trying to remember happened two days ago. Next time, I think, I'll use one of those fancy, … [Read more...]

More to blog about this weekend, but got Lailah tomorrow

Man, I've still at least 2 more (interesting) stories to go, and I've got Lailah to myself tomorrow - I'm never gonna to catch up with blogging the stuff that happened this past weekend. Have I mentioned what happened on Sunday?? Heaven! (How does that song go??) Doesn't matter - I was invited to go boating on Lake Minnetonka! What a great afternoon. With a great bunch of loving people. Will … [Read more...]

Blogging milestones as of 7/13/2016

Blogging Milestones: Created my WordPress blog in Nov/Dec, 2012. Received my first "comment" to one of my blog pages from an outsider (someone whom I didn't know) in Feb, 2014, inquiring about a Model Railroading book they were interested in. They apparently found my bog/website via a google search, looking for a specific (and rare) Model Railroad book - of which I had a duplicate copy and … [Read more...]

Website CSS changes – documented

This is a technical post regarding CSS changes made early on, when first creating this website in late 2012 and thru-out 2013. Top Image - Original CSS, Bottom Image - My tweaked CSS Basically, adding a black bar, with white text on each of the sidebar widgets, and making the background of the same area white, instead of fading into the gray background. Then, kind of reversing the main area, … [Read more...]

Apology (w/explanation) to my subscriber(s)

An apology is in order, along with an explanation. When I first created this blog, 3-1/2 yrs ago, I would only write and post a blog entry, on average, a couple of times a month, and would then manually copy that posting over to Facebook since this WP blog didn't have any actual readers.  After leaving USPS in the fall of 2014, I stopped posting to this WP blog, and just started writing my blog … [Read more...]

A fav blogger of mine wants to give up…

One of my fav FB bloggers made a decision a week ago to take a break from writing, but then wrote the following post this morning. My South Carolina Life You might want to read her post first (to understand the context) before reading my comment to her: Susan, I had a friend over this morning, and while they were doing something in the kitchen, I got onto FB for a few mins, and noticed your … [Read more...]

Wise words when deciding whether to post or not on social media

Here are some wise words from a fellow blogger when posting on social media: "I type out roughly 10 Facebook statuses a day... Normally about 2 make the cut. I always ask myself: Is it encouraging? Is it helpful? Is it loving? Is it going to fix something? Is it hilarious? It has to hit 4/5 to make the cut. If it doesn't - it's a no go. We need to think before we post. It's real people … [Read more...]

Video plagiarism – part 2

A follow-up by Jaime, regarding the person who was copying her video talks, word for word (i.e., plagiarism). Apparently video blogging is copyright-able, and is indeed IP (intellectual property), and Jaime had her lawyer issue a "cease and desist" letter, etc. to the plagiarizer. She also then shares her thoughts as to how she used this incident to teach her kids about plagiarism and why it's … [Read more...]

Video plagiarism – part 1

Jamie is someone that I sometimes view, since she usually has a few inspiring/motivating thoughts, etc. She recently learned that there was a person who apparently also watches Jamie's videos but then made her own "videos" using Jamie's words - word for word. Watch this short video, you'll first see Jamie speak for a few seconds, then you'll see this other person, saying the exact same words, … [Read more...]

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying - what causes a person to become a bully? This attached article is about bullies bullying authors via Amazon book reviews as well as on the "GoodReads" book review social media site. You might want to read it before reading the rest of this posting, in order to better understand where I'm coming from. I wonder if their spouses or significant others know that they do this? I wonder … [Read more...]

A note to my good friend “Sam”

Sam, Either this is a reminder, or maybe the first time I've shared this with you... Sometime, during the 2009-2011 "Great Recession", I somehow came across a story you wrote for a magazine. It was either a sailing mag or a vacation mag. Either way, I enjoyed what you wrote, and, (here is the part I want to emphasize), that story and knowing that you were the person that wrote it, inspired me to … [Read more...]

Recent updates to my website

First, it's taken me three yrs to figure out I should be using this blog to also record what I'm changing on this website - it's a great way to document all the changes I make.  i.e., post an update any time I make changes to the website, like what I'm doing here, documenting the changes I made tonight.  Geez, not sure why I didn't think of this before - actually I did, because I created a … [Read more...]

Recent work on my website – wondering if I should change the theme.

Not sure what happened today, but the day just flew by (after waking up from a nap in the afternoon.) I spent a few hours working on my personal WordPress blog/website - the production site, as well as a couple of others that I use to "experiment" with. Other than posting blog updates (it basically mirrors my FB status postings, but also then sorts them into 'topic categories', as well as various … [Read more...]

My website, viewing my SmugMug pics & a 3rd party plug-in

Beware: this is a long and boring technical blog posting - if you're into using wordpress for blogging and also do photo sharing on your wordpress website, you might be 5% interested in this post - otherwise, you'll probably just think this is just another loony tunes post by yours truly, and should probably skip reading it. wink emoticon About a year ago, I moved from using FLICKR to SmugMug as … [Read more...]

Blogging – sometimes can be too much of a good thing

Going to stay off the Blog for awhile today - I've posted enough stories and "fodder" last night and this morning to last "my followers" (LOL - no, I don't think of my readers in that way, I was JUST KIDDING) from now until the cows come home. Soon to come: A posting about my OCD "hoarding" (and my book buying/book collecting, and my just "collecting in general" OCD quirk/trait). Maybe. Enjoy … [Read more...]