First post from the WordPress IOS app, to auto-publish to Facebook.

“First post from the WordPress IOS app, to auto-publish to Facebook.”
Welcome to the new world, Brian. It’s going to be a brave new world. You are such an early adopter at times, then other times, you are so reluctant to change or to try out things. No more typing into a FB small text entry window with all of its quirks and/or bugs. This seems a lot easier than typing up your post in FB, and then having to copy/paste into a blog post entry on your website (or vis-versa). It seems bold text is supported, as well as italics text. This is so striking, oops, I meant amazing. I wonder if FB will show the bold, italics, and struck-out text (it doesn’t). Seems like the privacy is set to private – have to research how to open it up to my FB friends – hmm. Other issue is it’ll truncate the post to a limited number of chars, then makes the user click on the blogging website post link. It also doesn’t include the title of the post either, rats. But it can include hyperlinks and/or pictures such as this one: