Memories of last few days at Unisys

Can't believe it's been seven years. The day I wrote this, they (Mgmt) were saying I was going to be outsourced instead of laid off. A couple/few days later, I was laid off...after almost twenty nine yrs with Unisys (formerly Burroughs). ==== From June 15, 2009: "Inside sources say layoff date is this Thursday. TM and I negotiated "performance" SLA/KPIs for outsourcing contract today. He says … [Read more...]

Part 6: My career at Unisys and the constant fear & threat of layoffs.

Gee whiz, where does the time go when you're laid off and have an extra 8-10 hours a day?? Well, it's been a bit more than 2 months since my last "blog" entry regarding Unisys/unemployment/etc. Not much to update, getting a tiny bit discouraged now since my severance "pay" was up a week ago (due to my leaving for UHG in '95 for those few short months before being 'outsourced' directly back to … [Read more...]

Part 5: My career at Unisys and the constant fear & threat of layoffs.

Well, it's been 2 months since my last "note" (blog entry). Thought I would update everyone. Here is what I wrote as a status update on June 19th: 'Too wiped out to type anything today, still wrapping things up from yesterday's news. Will add long winded boring blog entry later. The outsourcing deal was cancelled/denied at very last minute by someone more senior than previous middle mgmt … [Read more...]

28 yrs, 9 months. Couldn’t they wait until I got my 30 yr plaque?

I’ve been hinting to some of you since mid February about this day. Originally I had been told I was to be laid off end of first quarter. Turns out it was postponed to end of second quarter. Various people have been really trying behind the scenes to save my job, and, as of Wednesday afternoon, it seemed like I was going to be outsourced to a different company and then Unisys would contract with … [Read more...]

Part 4: My career at Unisys and the constant fear & threat of layoffs.

I wrote the following a month ago (but didn't post it as a note). [Published: April 22 at 4:21pm ] New "U" mid mgmt has changed "the plan" from laying me off (paying severance for 28 yrs of service) to outsourcing me to XYZ Solutions, letting "XYZ" do the layoff after I've finished sharing my institutional knowledge w/new offshore team, & "U" no longer needing my services. Playing the game for … [Read more...]

Part 3: My career at Unisys and the constant fear & threat of layoffs.

At previously noted, 4 weeks ago I had been informed unofficially that myself and the two onshore members of my team were to be laid off in the 'near' future (sometime prior to end of March). It appears this is still the case for both members of my team but as of this past Tuesday, for myself, it seems that, once again (with the help of others who value my skills as well as my intelligence … [Read more...]


This has to be a short note (yeah, right, everyone that knows me is saying, rolling their eyes - don't you dare, Kim!) today since I have many things to do before 'the end' (at work - not with whatever else you were thinking - lol). Anyway, I received a couple of emails (today, in Jan and in Feb) from a Brazilian colleague saying they were going to cancel my request for a new windows server … [Read more...]

Part 2: My Career at Unisys and the constant fear & threat of layoffs

It seems my "note" is being interpreted in a way that I didn't expect. So, I'm going to take some time and explain why I wrote it. But first, I need to apolgize to Shaema, she made the first comment regarding my original note and because of my ineptude with facebook, I deleted her comment by accident while correcting some typos. It was NOT intentional. At the time, I wasn't aware that you … [Read more...]

Part 1: My Career at Unisys and the constant fear & threat of layoffs

Several times in my 28+ year career at Unisys, I've been told my job is going away. I remember the first time, I had been working at "City of Industry" (L.A.) for a little over 3-1/2 yrs (for my first truly great pair of managers/mentors - Mike Dowers & Mary Mikhail), and was just about to go on vacation (at Lake Arrowhead) in the fall of 1987, and I was told that we were going to be having an … [Read more...]