iPad camera roll vs albums – not

A geek post regarding Apple devices - you might not understand if you don't have an "i-xxx" device. A month or ago, I looked at all the photos on the iPad (copied from my phone) and decided to finally organize them (more than a few thousand taken over the last few years) into "albums", in order to reduce the size of my "camera roll". This also includes any screen shots or pics I've downloaded … [Read more...]

Lost my cell phone, or so I thought

So. I left the house to do some errands this morning about an hour or so ago. Right when I was turning off my street, I remembered I had forgotten my phone. No worries I said, I don't need it. Did my errands, and came home, put away the groceries, dry cleaning, etc. Then remembered to go check the phone in case I had missed any calls/texts. Of course, couldn't find it where I usually put it upon … [Read more...]

Added a new FAQ – what cameras have I owned?

FAQ: Cameras owned … [Read more...]

Friend with IT background unwilling to learn about new technologies(?), or just tired

Friend of mine (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) is an IT person with as many years of experience as myself. Wanted to share some "documents" with them. Me: "...Do you or use Dropbox?" Them: "Never heard of it." Well, OK, Then. I guess, based on your response, it seems you aren't even remotely interested in learning about it. Fine, be that way, I'll send them to you the … [Read more...]

IBM Robots, Carrie Fisher, and Watson

This, made my day (ok, not really, but it's pretty funny!) … [Read more...]

Pandora and an irritating limitation

Pandora thinks one hundred stations is enough for a Pandora listener. I wonder if this was just an arbitrary decision by the developer (who, obviously doesn't like lots of different music/artists), or did someone actually say in 'The Requirements', "the maximum number of stations for each user should be 100" … [Read more...]

Video of a guy “driving” a self-driving car

Article on self-driving cars (opens in new window) Haven't really been paying much attention to google or tesla and their auto driving cars - but just watched this demo video of how the Tesla car works. (Software + Hardware) engineering is just freaking amazing! I am now able to better understand those Star Wars (prequel trilogy 10-15 yrs ago) scenes where all those "personal flying cars" are … [Read more...]

Passing of a great man: George Mueller

Back in the '80s, one of the predecessor companies of Unisys (Burroughs), bought a company called SDC (System Development Corporation) where George Mueller was the CEO, merging that firm into Burroughs, with Mr. Mueller becoming a Senior VP of Burroughs. He was at the head of NASA's endeavor to put a man on the moon in the '60s. He recently passed away. Passing of George Mueller (open in new … [Read more...]

Completely Mirrorless Camera Photog Now

FYI, fellow FB photographer friends: Over the summer and as of this past week, I've slowly gotten rid (via trade-in or selling) all of my DSLR camera equipment, and am now a bona fide "Mirrorless Camera ONLY" photographer (now having had my Mirrorless for the past 16 months). While I do not (yet) have the same quantity/style of lenses, I anticipate, over the next several years, the lens stable … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous thoughts

Such a nice day out there today, my favorite season is fall - the temp is "just right". Too bad it only lasts 4-6 weeks here in MN. (Lol) I've got a few (good) stories to write about but I'm not doing it today. But, I'll preview them for you: First one is about my (accidentally) providing some excitement and joy to a person in my life by introducing them to something a few months ago. Maybe more … [Read more...]

Cameras – new camera in my bag

This is the guy (professional photog) who has helped convince me to start moving away from my Canon DSLR to the Sony A6000 "mirrorless" (which I bought & have used as my main camera since last June, BEFORE seeing his you-tube posting). The autofocus is much, much faster than the ("more expensive") Canon, the camera is physically smaller and lighter on weight, and I really enjoy using it - I'll … [Read more...]

Camera Technology: Rapid pace of change – last 20 years

I first became interested in Photography sometime in high school.  This led me to ask for a specific 35 mm SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera as a High School graduation present.  One of the parental units apparently felt they should “consult” with a colleague who they apparently perceived as a "Photography Expert".  The colleague’s recommendation:  "Buy Brian a Sears brand “110” … [Read more...]