Video of a guy “driving” a self-driving car

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Haven’t really been paying much attention to google or tesla and their auto driving cars – but just watched this demo video of how the Tesla car works.

(Software + Hardware) engineering is just freaking amazing! I am now able to better understand those Star Wars (prequel trilogy 10-15 yrs ago) scenes where all those “personal flying cars” are flying every which way in the sky and how that type of stuff will work in the future – had (mistakenly) thought it had to do with (centralized) air traffic control (ATC), and wasn’t astute enough to realize/think the cars themselves would have the software (i.e., the ATC “sensor” programming) control/computer systems embedded within each car. For those of you out there – the flying cars of the future will take this current level of Tesla/Google automation (of only two dimensions: X and Y axises, along, with “Time”, of course) to a further level – by adding in the third axis of Z (vertical height).

[Too bad I’ll never be able to afford a Tesla, and of course, it’ll just be my luck that it’ll take twenty or so more yrs for flying cars to come to fruition by which time, I’ll be in “the home”]