Two or three (once again, profound) thoughts of the day.

I’ve written ~6 long winded blog posts (including this particular one) since receiving my new typewriter style keyboard in the mail last week – all of which (including this one), have been typed via the glass iPad screen. Methinks I need to move the new typewriter keyboard to the end table of my couch/lazyboy.

(life, sometimes, can be, so very hard, for me.)

(man, was that a Christopher Walken sentence, or what??)

I’m always amazed and quite a bit humbled to see the number of people who read my long(er) blog posts. One of my former HS teachers who I greatly respect, apparently reads my stuff (sometimes), and, that, is just icing on the cake – totally AWESOME.

(I loved this man, as my teacher – he tried to teach me how to play the Saxophone, including dozens of “private” (outside the classroom) lessons but I just didn’t have a musical bone (memory ability) in my body – I loved band, I loved music, I just couldn’t play worth a darn.)

I have a friend who apparently might enjoy writing as much as I do, and one of their friends told them recently they enjoy reading what they are writing, such that they really should start a blog. I am hoping my friend will allow me to create / build a blogging website for them using WordPress, sometime in the near future. Just might have to mock one up for them to visualize it.

(life is good.)

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