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Two or three (once again, profound) thoughts of the day.

I’ve written ~6 long winded blog posts (including this particular one) since receiving my new typewriter style keyboard in the mail last week - all of which (including this one), have been typed via the glass iPad screen. Methinks I need to move the new typewriter keyboard to the end table of my couch/lazyboy. (life, sometimes, can be, so very hard, for me.) (man, was that a Christopher Walken … [Read more...]

Canals in Saint Clair Shores

(note: need to further edit this story since it’s not flowing the way it should.  need to add the pictures that go with this) (boy, this was just going to be a post about some stupid canals in SCS, but, wow.) ====== Starting around 1966/67, my mom went back to work (having started working during WWII until ~1956 when she became pregnant with her first child, my brother), making the Williams … [Read more...]