Archives for January 6, 2018

Two (very profound) thoughts for today

After a few yrs of saying “I love working downtown”, let me tell you, it sucks to walk three blocks from the bus stop to the office at 8am, in minus 15 degree weather (not including windchill), for several days in a row. Boy, I just still love my Amazon Prime Now (grocery delivery service), especially in January, here in MN. The selection of things still is somewhat limited in my opinion, but … [Read more...]

Movies – Molly’s Game

Went to see “I, Tonya” at the Uptown Theater, getting there ten minutes before the movie started - thinking it would be pretty easy to get in. Holy Crowd, Batman! It was sold out! Fortunately, the Lagoon Theater is just a block away, and had a choice of seeing Star Wars, “Three Billboards”, or something called “Molly’s Game”. Didn’t know a thing about the 2nd or 3rd movies, but noticed that … [Read more...]

Twittering, Mental Stability, and, like, really smart

A lot of you know I like to share my life (and experiences) with all of you, by FB blogging. Today, I’ve decided to start twittering as well. Here is my very first Twit: ... Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart. 📱🍔🚀 😱🙄😉🤓 (years from now, I'm going to wonder what this post was all about - the above tweet was actually … [Read more...]

Am I Happy – Friendships

There are times when I question my life, etc. Am I happy, etc.? Most times I just don’t think about stuff like that. And, if I do think of stuff like that, I just try to fluff it off, and just trudge on. I don’t have a lot of (excessive) drama (a good thing) in my life. I’ve have had a great career, and somehow was able to achieve some ordinary (but, significant for me) goals I set for myself long … [Read more...]