Movies – Molly’s Game

Went to see “I, Tonya” at the Uptown Theater, getting there ten minutes before the movie started – thinking it would be pretty easy to get in. Holy Crowd, Batman! It was sold out!

Fortunately, the Lagoon Theater is just a block away, and had a choice of seeing Star Wars, “Three Billboards”, or something called “Molly’s Game”. Didn’t know a thing about the 2nd or 3rd movies, but noticed that Molly’s Game had Jesica Chastaign (sp?), Kevin Costner, and Indira Blah (aka, Idris Elba – his name always twists my tongue, but love this British actor), and chose that one to see.

Best movie in a long time that I’ve seen – never a boring moment in it. Excellent acting by everyone – and, of course, toward the end, there was a scene where my face cheeks started getting wet from something. Not sure what that was all about…A good story, and great acting.

Jessica C. is the (bad-ass, wonderful) actress from Zero Dark Thirty, Intersteller (which I’ve not seen – yet), Miss Sloane, and The Martian, etc.

Kevin Costner is that guy who was the only actor in “The Big Chill” whose scenes were totally cut out of the movie ( 😉 )

And, Idris, is the actor who plays on the BBC crime drama, “Luthor” (which I highly recommend), and, of course, “The Wire” (where he also stands out in).

Go see it – I think you just might enjoy it.

Oh yes, written and directed by Aaron Sorkin (A few good men, West Wing, The Newsroom, and, The Social Network).

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