Home from Appleton, WI – Thrivent first week

Well folks, I’m home. It was a “longish” week, traveling to Appleton, WI for the new job (“on-boarding”, “orientation”, and meeting most of my colleagues). In a way, it was good that I got to do this – meeting my Appleton colleagues gave both myself and them a chance to put a face to a name, etc.

Left Appleton this afternoon around 3:30, getting home at 8:30 pm (after stopping for a 5guys burger a mile from home).

Do you remember me going to Appleton, and missing a turn off in Stevens Point, having to go about ten miles South, in order to turn around to get back to traveling East? Well, I did the same thing this afternoon/evening, at the exact same junction (US 10 meeting I-39), this time somehow getting onto I-39 North (on Sunday, it was I-39 South). Instead of trying to turn round, I just kept going North, and I took US-29 West across WI. Didn’t lose much time. Not sure why I’m sharing this, probably because it was at the exact same junction as Sunday.

Methinks, someone in Stevens Point has mucked around with the freeway signs…

On Monday, I’ll be heading to downtown MPLS, probably taking the light-rail for a week or so, until I get me the 411 on the express bus – not sure what time it leaves the AV station – guess I could go online and look it up.

So, Monday, will start working with Chris, the team lead – found out that he and I are the only ones in our 20-30 person dept that works in MPLS – everyone else works in Appleton. Not sure if I’m going to like that or not. Sure, I keep to myself a lot, but I do like some social interaction at times (with more than just your team lead).

I’ve now got six months minus a week, to impress “everyone”, in order to convince them to hire me after the six month contract expires. Problem is, I just don’t see how I can do that – because the manager reiterated to me this morning, they want to keep this application as much as “out-of-the-box” as possible. Which BEGS the question: then, why hire me to do software development if you don’t want any software development done??

Actually, no matter what happens, I am pretty sure I’ll be offered a full time job there (once the six month contract is up). They have “a lot” of projects in the works (a really big & long one during the mid to latter part of 2017 – upgrading their system to the next “level” of the application), and I cannot see them “training” me on their systems, and then letting me go, only having to bring someone else in, and train them. Doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m going to love working downtown again.