First day at Thrivent

Day one over. Mostly on-boarding stuff, getting access to all things Thrivent. Reading some docs. Met two members of my team who are based here (both are almost straight out of college and are really nice fellows). The third member is based in MPLS and is on vac this week (but I’ve already met him during the interviewing process).

The HQ here is a really nice, relaxing, gorgeous (huge) campus, lots of green courtyards, glass, and outside fountains, and benches in the courtyards. They have a huge cafeteria with lots of things to choose from. I think it would be nice to work in this building, but I still like “big city” living rather than “small town/rural”.

Looks like (maybe), my contracting firm will be picking up either a portion (or all) of the travel expenses (hotel, meals, and 50 cents/mile mileage). I’m guessing this is due to my home base is now MPLS (instead of Appleton), so this is a “training” trip.