McDuffs Buildings – Main building – update

Spent the evening working on McDuff’s main building, adding in the (teal) portico (“drive-through”) scaffolding, weathering the walls be scuffing them, the weathering really shows well on the red walls, but not as much as the driftwood colored walls. Going to have to try another method for those.

Added the (teal) lower storefront windowed / front door wall – that was almost a fiasco because I’d somehow inverted the windows/doorway putting them upside down in the frame and had already glued it in. Noticed what I had done after a few mins, and had to use a razor to cut thru the glue, in order to take it off and put it in, right side up. That was just a bit embarrassing.

Oh, added the light brown corner trim post work all around. And, put in the first (of 17) windows, on the 2nd story front wall. You can see it’s frame, and the window sill, but the picture doesn’t show the multipane sash. It’s there, just very hard to see due to my lighting I’m guessing.

The windows are a pain, bring composed of five different very small parts – the frame, the lower window sill, the upper trim, and two window sashes, one lower, one upper.

Then, after all that, the acetate to simulate the glass. These windows are going to be the death of me.

Still to do: dormers, windows, roofs, attaching the roof shed and the side shed. Weathering the roofs. Adding a water tank to the roof of the storage building. And, adding the various roof and exterior wall vents, for both buildings.