Recruiters and their emails…

Last week, I received THE shortest job recruiting email I’ve ever received in my recent experience:

“Is this you?

• Unisys Clearpath MCP
• Database Programming experience
• WFL experience
• Algol programming experience”

…ending with his name, his title: “IT Recruiter, Division Director, AVP Permanent Placement Services”, his recruiting company name (“Robert Half Technology”), and his various phone and fax numbers.

Since I have all of those “experiences”, I replied back, saying:

“Yes, it is.”

If he wants succinct, I’ll given him succinct. Lol.

He immediately replies with an even shorter email:

“When can we set a conversation?”

This time, without his signature line, with no name, no company name, and no phone number.

I’m shaking my head.

I didn’t reply back a second time, hoping he just might realize he needs to be a little less terse with his emails. While I was quite interested in this particular position, I’m not going to deal with a dunderhead. (So, I applied directly to the client company itself – it was just coincidence that I was able to guess who the client company was, due to this guy’s geographical location.)

Edward Anderson – this was for the same place we both know of.