Choosing dental plans – “choose wisely”

So, we’re not going to mention the fact that when I was hired by my contracting agency last summer to work at Thrivent that I was given a choice of two very different dental plans, and that I thought I made the right choice in my choosing between said plans.

We also won’t remark about how (when I was making my choice), I misread one of the plans where it mentioned “annual maximum” being $1,000, and did not (for some stupid reason) understand what that exactly meant. [in my defense, the line above it mentioned deductibles (per office visit), and I somehow thought they were talking about a maximum deductible amount.]

Anyway, lets just say, we’ll be paying a bit more than I thought I would be paying, for my recent dental work (“RCT”, and associated crown).


[the “novocain” 💉💉💉 hasn’t worn off yet, so, excuse my lisp, he says “tongue in cheek”]