Las Vegas 2 of 2

I am overwhelmed with sadness.

You would think one could build up a tolerance for this kind of thing (Las Vegas).

No, I’m not able to – not me. In fact, more and more, I find myself getting sadder and sadder each time it happens. But, while I am overwhelmed with sadness, my anger is also increasing.

More, and more, I’m getting to be so angry at the lack of willingness to make laws regarding automatic weapons.

Guns kill people.

People kill people.


Don’t give me that stuff about “people kill people”

Guns allow evil people to do evil things, and to do them in such a manner that allow them to kill not just one person, but DOZENS of people at a time. It allows them to cause injury to HUNDREDS of people at the same time.

We have seen this, time, after time, after time.

We have enough common sense (years, and years ago) to outlaw explosives and bombs.

Why, oh why, do we not have the needed common sense to outlaw automatic weapons?

What am I not seeing?

Why aren’t our legislators seeing the same thing as we are seeing?

Do not give me that stuff about the NRA.

Yes, the NRA is organized, and therefore, can call out the pro-gun supporters at a moment’s notice, thereby overwhelming congress with phone calls, and letters.

We, however, are not organized – certainly not to the extent that the NRA is. BUT, we’ve recently shown our country’s ability to organize ourselves these past eight months, with the Women’s March in January, with all of the other marches we have had recently.

We’ve organized ourselves for drunk driving.

We’ve organized ourselves for clean air.

Fifty years ago, people organized themselves for civil rights.

Fifty years ago, people organized themselves against the Viet Nam war.

During the last twenty, thirty, forty years, we’ve been organizing ourselves for LGBT rights.


We need a central organization similar in size to the NRA, but for the purpose of outlawing the ownership of automatic weapons.

There has been no need to own automatic weapons ever – not to defend your family, not to defend your home. You can do defend your home, your family with a semi-automatic pistol, or a semi-automatic rifle. We do not use bazookas to kill tigers. There is no need to kill a home invader with ten, twenty, thirty bullets a second.

This is not a valid argument.

It’s never been a valid argument.

So, let’s create a national organization, for GUN CONTROL NOW, and march, and protest, and, to call congress, and to write letters to congress, nation wide.