Las Vegas – Gun Control

It’s been a horrific day.

I’m going to turn off FB for awhile, for the rest of the night, I hope, and, maybe, for a bit longer.

But one final thought: There are several “industries” that create products that kill our own kind on purpose. Some products are regulated by government such as cigarettes or explosives. Some products have been banned/made illegal, such as addictive drugs such as Meth, Cocaine, Heroin, etc.

And, then there is the gun industry.

What all of these products and their manufacturers/dealers/sellers have in common are two things:

Firstly, the manufacturers/sellers completely understand their products are being used to kill or hurt people on purpose, and do not care.


Secondly, these same people continue to make and sell these products since they understand and know there are enormous amounts of money to be made selling these products.

Anyone, who intentionally manufactures and then intentionally sells products that are known to hurt or kill our fellow human on purpose, is amoral.

Think about it.

If you’re a parent, would you give your child a cigarette, to get them hooked on smoking, knowing someday, that child will most likely die of cancer?

If you’re a parent, would you give your child some meth, or a snort of cocaine, knowing, by doing that, they will get them hooked, knowing that child might die due to an overdose?

If you’re a parent, would you give your child a weapon, knowing that weapons are dangerous and unsafe, and the child may end up dead, or another loved one dead, due to the use of the gun?

If you’re a friend of someone, or a brother or sister, would you knowingly introduce your friend, or your sibling to smoking, would you knowingly introduce them to drugs, would you knowingly give them a gun, knowing the ramifications to all of these actions? If so, then you are part of the problem.

“Good night, and good luck.”